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Announcing the BYB Opening Day prediction contest

Bless You Boys has gotten their hands on another Comerica Park blueprint, and they're giving you a chance to take it home.

I don't know how to put this, but we're kind of a big deal. People know us. One of those "people" is Ballpark Blueprints, a company that captures the beauty of baseball architecture by producing unique posters of each team's stadium blueprint (they've also expanded into football, soccer, and golf). The Comerica Park blueprint is shown above, and Ballpark Blueprints was generous enough to offer one of them to our readers early last winter.

We're lucky enough to have another blueprint to give away, but we're going to mix up our method a bit. Last time we required readers to submit a FanPost to be eligible for the print, but this time we're going to make the process a little less labor-intensive. All you have to do is predict the results of Opening Day! Easy, right? Here's how it's going to work: we've provided ten questions below, and you just have to pick the correct answer to each in a comment.

1. Which Tigers player will get the first hit?
2. Which Tigers player will record the first extra-base hit?
3. Which Tigers hitter will be the first to strike out?
4. Which Tigers player will be the first to draw a walk?
5. Which Tigers hitter will record the first RBI?
6. How many home runs will the two teams combine for?
7. How many batters will David Price strike out? 
8. How many innings will Price pitch?
9. How many earned runs will Price allow?
10. Which pitcher will earn the win?
Tiebreaker: Game time

So the person who correctly predicts the answers to the most questions will win the blueprint. If there are any ties, the winner will be decided by who guessed closest to the total game time.

The deadline for this contest is 1:00 p.m. on Monday, April 6 (just before the first pitch of the Tigers' season). Check the comments for a template to make your predictions, and make sure to check out the Ballpark Blueprints site, and check out their other prints.