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Kansas City Royals 8, Detroit Tigers 1: Game 23 Player of the Game Poll

Well, there was little enough to cheer about tonight, but a few guys did their best to make a game of it.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It's a rough pair of games when your starters fail to get out of the fifth inning on consecutive days. Yesterday against the Twins, the Tigers were able to ride the long ball, and the other-worldly speed of James McCann, to a nice comeback win. They were unable to pull that trick off twice in a row. A few guys did their best to persevere though...

Miguel Cabrera:

The Royals were clearly uninterested in allowing Miguel to beat them tonight, semi-intentionally walking him twice. Two walks and a single is just another day at the office for the best hitter in the game, but tonight it was much better than most.

Victor Martinez:

While the power hasn't yet returned, Victor had a better night out there, drilling a pair of singles with Miguel Cabrera on base. He put up the only multi-hit game of the night for the Tigers.

Jose Iglesias:

The "little flame" did his best to provide the spark tonight. A diving stop in the sixth inning nearly got the Tigers out of a bad spot. He continued to handle the stick with authority as well, smoking a Danny Duffy offering to the wall in left-center for a triple and coming in to score on Rajai Davis' RBI single.

Angel Nesbitt:

His eighth inning appearance mattered little by that point, but Nesbitt continues to provide a solid option in relief. He struck out a pair of batters in pitching a clean inning. He holds a 3.52 ERA and a 1.04 WHIP over 7.2 innings with six strikeouts.

Game 22 Player of the Game:

A pair of dingers plus a double for a four RBI day will generally get you the nod. Miguel Cabrera took yesterday's player of the game poll by a wide margin over James McCann.