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Athletics 4, Tigers 0: Detroit suffers first shutout of the season

Shane Greene started strong but struggled in the sixth and the offense was nowhere to be found.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Detroit Tigers did not get shut out 10-0, nor have they lost seven of their last eight games. That was 2014. Monday the Tigers opened their seven-game road trip with a 4-0 loss to the Oakland A's, giving them a three-game losing streak to put them in third place in the AL Central, and their first shutout loss of the season.

Shane Greene was sharp to start and he gave up just one triple and a couple of singles until the sixth. Then Greene fell apart because of poor fielding, bad hops, and ill-placed pitches. The A's subsequently took a 4-0 lead before Brad Ausmus ended Greene's day a batter too late in the sixth with two outs. The bullpen played with danger in the eighth but didn't allow a run.

A couple of singles for the Tigers against A's starter Jesse Hahn and two double plays. Not much happened for either team offensively for five innings and the A's had three errors (thanks twice to Max Muncy and once to Marcus Semien). The Tigers once had two on and no outs early in the game, and had a few more baserunners thanks to the aforementioned errors. No one scored. The Tigers finished with four hits and no runs.

Take today's roars and hisses with a note of humor.


Nick Castellanos: In seriousness, Castellanos' defensive grab in foul territory was well-played. He gets today's only real roar.

Miguel Cabrera: Miggy didn't strike out even once today and he still found time to chat.

Jose Iglesias: Got to stay off his knee. He and Victor Martinez played Mario Kart. Jose let Victor win twice.

Anibal Sanchez: He gave up no home runs today. Progress.

No no-no: The Tigers did not get no-hit. They also haven't lost seven of their last eight games. So, it's progress from this date last year.


Shane Greene: Well, to be fair, he was doing pretty well through the game until the defense betrayed him. His day ended with 5 2/3 innings, eight hits, four runs (all earned), no walks, and four strikeouts on 89 pitches.

The offense: Missing. If found, there is a reward for its return.

The defense: Surehanded major league defenders were replaced with those of minion-like quality.


  • The Tigers finally reached the big 50. As in, the number of double plays grounded into. The Tigers later grounded into No. 51. Too many baserunners. Do away with them. Only way to prevent it.


Source: FanGraphs