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Bless You Boys needs YOUR help

We're hiring

Bless You Boys is looking to bring on a little additional help in a few different areas. If you think you'd be a good fit and are interested, e-mail us a note at If you're applying for a writing position, please include samples of what kind of stories you'd provide for us. These jobs are non-paying to begin, but could lead to paying gigs in the future.

Gamethread/moderators -- We need several people who can create that day's gamethread -- which takes less than five minutes to create and drop the lineup in when you get the hang of it -- and then be a moderator who watches it for the day/night to make sure comments are keeping to BYB standards and the environment is fun and (mostly) family friendly for all.

Shortform writers -- We need one or two people who enjoy following the Tigers on social media -- Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, wherever else -- who have a few minutes available throughout the day to quickly turn a fun photo or video into a short, shareable post. Here are three examples: HighlightTwitter / Instagram.

Analysis writers -- We need one or two additional writers who want to take longer looks at the Tigers. Those would be both looking at season-long trends for the team or players from a statistical standpoint, and timely follow-up stories that take a key moment or trend from a game and turn it into something bigger. (What's wrong with J.D. Martinez? Why is Anibal Sanchez giving up so many home runs? Did the manager make a good/bad decision? Here's what you need to know! What was wrong with the starting pitcher last night? Etc.)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us here, or at Thank you for your interest!