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Three Tigers worth voting into the 2015 MLB All-Star Game

If the All-Star Game were held today, only Miguel Cabrera would be a starter. Who should you vote for?

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Miguel Cabrera is the only Detroit Tigers player leading his position in the first American League All-Star Game ballot update. This cannot stand. You're a fan of the Tigers. You want to see them all as All-Star starters. You should vote for every single one of them. Now. We'll wait.

What's that you say? You feel like only the most deserving of Tigers deserve your vote, because you believe the process is every bit as important as the results? And an election should be fair, not just blindly voting for your team?. Who do you vote for in that case? The good news is, you've still got three Tigers who deserve to start for the AL, as of today.

First base -- Miguel Cabrera

Well, duh. Beyond the fact he's Miguel Cabrera, you can pick your own reason for giving him the nod. Saber fans? Cabrera leads AL first basemen in Fangraphs' WAR statistic. He's the only player at his position with a wOBA above .400. Traditional fans? His average is 32 points higher than the Royals' Eric Hosmer -- second-best among first baseman -- and Cabrera has a first-base high 32 RBI to go with it.

Shortstop -- Jose Iglesias

Statistically, he has the highest WAR among AL shortstops (1.4, per Fangraphs) and he did that without playing the entire slate of games thanks to a couple minor injuries. His is arguably the best defender in the league, and he's certainly the most fun to watch. Iglesias' highlight reels can keep you entertained all day. His bat's not bad either. He's batting .333 with a .388 OBP. Those lead AL shortstops with a least 100 plate appearances, while his slugging is good for third. Back to the sabermetrics, his .360 wOBA is highest among shortstops with at least 100 PA, as well.

Outfield -- Yoenis Cespedes

You can argue over Alex Gordon of the Royals or Yoenis Cespedes of the Tigers if you like. But you're a Tigers fan, why would you argue for a Royal? Cespedes and Gordon both have 1.5 WAR. Cespedes has a higher batting average too, but Gordon's got him beat in OBP, slugging and wOBA. Cespedes battles back in being the better defender and baserunner. Plus he's back-to-back champ of the Home Run Derby. So what's not to love?

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