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Tom Gorzelanny achieved a rare feat against Angels

No one has ever confused Tom Gorzelanny as a staff ace and he is a valuable lefty-arm out of the Tigers pen. However, last night against the Angels he joined some rare company.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

By the time Tom Gorzelanny entered Thursday night's game against the Angels, the outcome was not really in doubt.  The Tigers weren't scoring any runs and Buck Farmer wasn't keeping any runs off the board.  However, the season is long and sometimes mop-up duty can help a player turn a corner. Gorzelanny did not turn any sort of corner last night:

0.2 2 2 4 1

Giving up four earned runs in less than an inning of work is not something you see everyday, regardless of the situation.  In fact, last season there were only three such occurrences.  I know what you're thinking, and no, they were not all by Joe Nathan. Nathan coughed up one, Joakim Soria and Ian Krol served up the other stinkers.

Here are some fun facts on this "special" kind of performance:

  • Dan Petry did it twice. Ten years apart (1981 and 1991).
  • There is a tie for who pulled this feat off the most.  I bet the two names surprise absolutely no one: Mike Henneman and the immortal Todd Jones at six times a piece.
  • Believe it or not, Jose Valverde and Joe Nathan have only done it once each.
  • Legendary lefty Fu-Te Ni did it twice in the span of 20 days back in 2010.  He was released shortly after the second one.
This isn't to pick on Gorzelanny, he has been pretty effective thus far. The Tigers signed him to a one-year deal worth an even million, so he'll likely need to stay this off-track for a while to go anywhere.  Hang in there Tom!