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Tigers' Shane Greene on path to statistical infamy

It's appearing less likely than Shane Greene will survive this season without some time in the minors. However, if he does, he could be joining some not-so-elite company for his way-too-high ERA.

Dave Sandford/Getty Images

Much has been made on this site about Shane Greene's struggles. We all know about the hot start and his now equally as drastic fall. After Wednesday night's shellacking at the hands of the Chicago Cubs, Green now has an ERA of 5.82. He has posted this mark all while taking every turn in the rotation. Since he's taken every turn, he qualifies for the ERA title.

Since 1901, only three Detroit Tigers pitchers have thrown enough innings to qualify for the ERA title AND posted an ERA of 5.80 or higher. Here is that list:

  • Bill Gullickson (1994): Posted a 5.93 ERA in a strike-shortened season in smack in the middle of the steroid era.
  • Tim Belcher (1994): Wow, 1994 was a tough time for Tigers pitching! Belcher posted a 5.89 ERA.
  • Nate Robertson (2008): 6.35. It's really hard to pitch a full season with an ERA this high. Kudos to Nate for his accomplishment. He gave up home runs that season to Craig Monroe and Torii Hunter. Since offense has been on the decline in recent years, Robertson was the last pitcher to accomplish this feat.

It's probably time for Greene to head down to the minors and work his issues out. The pitcher we saw in the first three games of the season is in there somewhere.