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Tigers Family Barbeque!

A team that roasts pigs together, stays together.

A large majority of the Tigers team partook in a pig roast on Thursday to celebrate the off day. Let's try and note all the awesome that is going on here.

In the first video we have:

  • Victor Martinez going incognito
  • Yoenis Cespedes at a pig roast (cc: Cespedes Family BBQ)
  • Kyle Lobstein feeding an attractive woman dip out of his hand
  • New Tiger Ryan Castellanos

But thats not all. Anibal Sanchez graced us with an even more important video:

Ho baby, let's take some more inventory

  • A Gatorade towel that was clearly stole from the clubhouse being used as a rag
  • Gratuitous swearing when describing Alex Avila's cook job
  • Master Chef Avila with a terrific stogie (presumably Cuban)
  • Joba Chamberlain wearing a "Chive On" shirt
  • Omar Vizquel channeling his inner 70's with something very close to bell bottoms
  • And finally, Bryan Holaday GETTIN' AFTER a beer

Here is hoping these get togethers continue, if not for fostering team building, at least to provide even more entertainment.