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Detroit Tigers links: Royalsgeddon approaches

The impending doom of a nearly all-Royals starting All-Star lineup is almost here.

Each Monday afternoon, Major League Baseball publishes the current standings for the 2015 All-Star Game ballot participation. With the end of All-Star voting fast approaching, each Monday we draw closer to an American League lineup consisting entirely of Kansas City Royals. Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout, once a villain to Tigers fans because he's an MVP-caliber talent, is now our only hope. Trout is the only non-Royal in the starting lineup in the latest voting update.

I don't need to explain the absurdity of this as it has been covered in depth on this very site. But, it bears mentioning again that Omar Infante, with his .204 batting average and .214 on-base percentage, is gearing up to start an All-Star game. So, on this edition of links, BYB will attach not the customized Detroit voting page, but the general voting page. Please consider taking the time to vote for justice and common sense.

Detroit Tigers activate Bruce Rondon from the disabled list, option reliever to Triple-A ToledoMLive James Schmehl
A 10.38 ERA and a 2.31 WHIP is not a good way to get promoted.  He will continue to work out the kinks with the Mud Hens.

Byron Buxton and Francisco Lindor add to impressive rookie crop SBN Daily Dish Mike Bates
A great look at the massive influx of talent over the last year.

Outdoors: Tigers' Wilson, Gose go fishing - they're hooked - Detroit Free Press Lydia Lohrer
Epic Anthony Gose quote: "I eat fish. Everything I kill, I eat." ...Everything.

Erie's Bernard making most of second chanceDetroit News Lynn Henning
Henning provides a nice profile on Wynton Bernard whose speed might make him an appealing add for expanded rosters.

Yoenis Cespedes is late to take the field in the top of the 3rd inning.

I will not speculate on why, I will not speculate on why, I will not speculate on why...

Contender positions that could most use an upgradeJust A Bit Outside Jeff Sullivan
I think his contention numbers are a little generous but he provides some interesting insight on who will be shopping for what. Guess if the Tigers bullpen is on here.

At a crossroads, the Mariners lose to the Astros, 13-0Lookout Landing Matthias Ellis
An in-depth look at fanhood through the lens of a Mariners fan. Appreciate what you have, Tigers fans.