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Detroit Tigers links: Pablo Sandoval got benched for using Instagram

Let's see what's happening in the wider world of MLB and -- PABLO SANDOVAL GOT BENCHED FOR WHAT?!

Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Links here, get your links here, red-hot and only $5.95. According to projections, the Yankees (40 percent), the Royals (47 percent), and the Astros (53 percent) have the best shot at clinching their respective divisions, and it's not even really a close race.  Even less of a close race? The National League, in which the Nationals, Cardinals, and Dodgers sit at 75 percent, 63 percent, and 88 percent, respectively.

What's been going on in Major League Baseball this week? Let's take a look:

Pablo Sandoval benched for Instagram creepin' during in-game poopin'
I had a comment for this but I can't stop laughing long enough to type it.

Jose Canseco, and life in independent ball with the Pittsburg Diamonds
Jose Canseco? Playing baseball again? Tell me more. Tell me so much more.

The Mariners continue to hit the ball hard – and it hasn't mattered
The Tigers are 12th on this list of teams that hit the ball hard. That's useful information, right?

Baseball's best long-term contracts
Did Miguel Cabrera make this list of 10? Maybe a better question would be "how high on this list is Miguel Cabrera?"

A brief history of Cleveland Indians hitters being called on to pitch
Ryan Raburn made another pitching appearance this week, so let's relive that and a few other magic moments.

Josh Donaldson is mashing his way to MVP consideration
When is the last time a possible MVP didn't make the starting lineup at the All Star Game? Donaldson is having a hell of a year.

Time for Red Sox to start thinking trades to salvage wreck of a season
The Red Sox are all but finished for 2015, so ... anyone like the idea of picking up Napoli? Breslow? Uehara?

Clayton Kershaw racking up strikeouts
Quote from article: "With 88 more punchouts this season, Kershaw would join Koufax and Don Drysdale for most 200-strikeout seasons in Dodgers history with six, and would join Koufax as the only ones to do so six consecutive years." Sometimes you just have to bask in the warm glow of other-worldly baseball numbers. Enjoy.

Why it was time for Bud Black to go
The Padres' manager got fired. For as much as people throw around "Fire Ausmus," have you ever wondered what actually makes a team's front office decide to cut ties with a manager in the middle of the season?

There's nothing wrong with being a bandwagon fan
This isn't even really written from a baseball perspective (not at first, at least), but a) it's Grant Brisbee, who should be read at all times and in all places, and b) it's a really interesting discussion, or so I think.

The Sordid Travels Of A Cubs Fan: Detroit
A former Detroit resident returns to the Motor City to watch the Cubs play the Tigers. Kind of fun to see things from an alternate perspective.

What to make of Giancarlo Stanton's 2015 season so far
Quote: "Giancarlo Stanton is currently being projected to finish 2015 with 45 home runs and 122 RBI's - both career highs and franchise records." Compare numbers and contract status to Cabrera. Also reflect on the fact that, at last check, Nori Aoki was ahead of Stanton in the All Star voting.

The Tigers' Old English 'D', a Motown staple since 1896
Anything having to do with Tigers history should be required reading for BYB readers. This was a fun look back.