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Detroit Tigers links: The Tigers are inconsistent, and it is frustrating

The Tigers have not been able to reel off wins on a consistent basis since the start of the season, leaving them mired in third place in the AL Central.

Duane Burleson/Getty Images

It's not Ausmus, it's lack of execution - The Detroit News, Lynn Henning
"Thursday's game was something of a waste. Not that the White Sox are riffraff. They are big-leaguers and deserved victory. But there were far too many reasons for a local team, on a day when invitations and opportunities were prevalent, to have grabbed a baseball game by the throat."

Detroit Tigers are frustrating to watch, but we can't look away - Detroit Free Press, Shawn Windsor
Getting frustrated with inconsistent play is a product of following a team so closely over the course of a 162-game season, but it doesn't change the fact that it's mildly infuriating when the Tigers lose like the did yesterday.

Twins call up Alex Meyer - Twinkie Town, Jesse Lund
The Twins recently moved their top pitching prospect, Alex Meyer, to the bullpen. Now, they're adding him to a unit that has the fourth-highest ERA in the American League.

Maybe it's time for a different kind of different - South Side Sox
White Sox fans are clamoring for a change, though it seems that current second baseman is having no trouble hitting Tigers pitching.

How the Royals make a summer splash - Royals Review
This is a FanPost with a lot of requests from a front office that typically doesn't do much at the trade deadline, but it highlights how many needs even first place clubs can have.

Carlos Santana is not going anywhere, and that's okay - Let's Go Tribe, Matt R. Lyons
This entire article could also be applied to Ian Kinsler, who has been mired in a big slump lately.

The Braves’ NBA-Style Rebuild - FanGraphs Baseball, Miles Wray
The NBA salary cap is the most confusing thing in the world, but the Braves are expediting their rebuild by taking an NBA-like approach to retooling their roster.

The Marlins drafted a Hall of Famer in 1992 and nobody noticed - MLB Daily Dish, Mike Bates
It wasn't one player, but the Marlins have accumulated 88 WAR (and counting) from drafting Charles Johnson in 1992.

Max Scherzer could be primed to throw second straight no-no - ESPN, Jayson Stark
Max Scherzer facing the Philadelphia Phillies seems unfair, so watch them put up five runs in the first inning. #BecauseBaseball

Oakland A's are the most disciplined hitters in MLB - Athletics Nation, Alex Hall
In related news, the A's have won five straight games and are no longer in last place in the AL West.