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Quiz: Can you name the top 50 Tigers seasons according to WAR?

Hint: someone on the active roster can be found on this list.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

There are plenty of intelligent, rationally-minded people -- not to mention Hawk Harrelson -- who aren't excessively crazy about sabermetrics. Many are accustomed to the more traditional approach to baseball stats and may be somewhat intimidated by the idea of learning all these new numbers. However, even the most old-fashioned baseball fan is probably familiar with WAR: Wins Above Replacement.

According to, "The idea behind the WAR framework is that we want to know how much better a player is than what a team would typically have to replace that player. We start by comparing the player to average in a variety of venues and then compare our theoretical replacement player to the average player and add the two results together." (If you want to read the full post from which that excerpt was lifted, here it is.)

This is a very compelling concept and it opens the door to all kinds of possible uses. In the case of this quiz, WAR has been utilized to try and determine which players are responsible for the 50 best offensive performances over a single season. If you truly know your Tigers history, you should fare well. If you don't, well... it's time to start learning!

Once again, permit me to remind you that this is for offensive players only, so guessing 'Hal Newhouser', 'Mickey Lolich', 'Justin Verlander' or 'Nate Robertson' won't get you very far.

Hat tip to Sporcle user cvip who created this quiz on February 15, 2013.