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Let's fix Miguel Cabrera's hair, together

We have heard your calls for a new hair style, and we have come with answers.

Look, Miguel Cabrera is a Triple-Crown-winning, two-time MVP with five Silver Slugger awards, nine All-Star Game appearances and a propensity to shove fig newtons down Brayan Pena's throat. He can do whatever he wants. But we need to talk about the hair. Side shaves with greased back hair resting somewhat precariously on the top of his head?  We can do better than this.

So we did! You, as the Bless You Boys readers, will get to pick Miggy's next hairdo. After final selection, I will send it via Instagram to Miggy where he will most certainly ignore it or have someone make sure that I NEVER meet him.  Let the fun begin!

Option 1: Miggy Bieber

What's more fan friendly than the iconic Bieber cut. Really help the Tigers' in that teen girl demographic.

Option 2:  Miggy Wallace

Fear the Fro!

Option 3: Miggy Ice

Check the hook while Miggy revolves it.

Option 4: Miggy BluElvis

I don't really have a reason for this outside of the fact that I was able to do it.

Oh and ill just leave this here.