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Can you name every Tigers All-Star since 2009?

The Tigers have sent 46 All-Stars to the Midsummer Classic over the last 17 years. Can you name them all?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
For a while, it seemed like this year's Midsummer Classic would be a royal disappointment for those who don't live in Missouri. I mean, I like Omar Infante. He wasn't terrible for the Tigers. But let's face it, Infante deserved to be an All-Star just as much as Hawk Harrelson deserves a Ford C. Frick Award. Both of those would be a stretch, but thankfully neither is going to be put on the board.

But since the Kansas City disaster has been effectively averted, the rest of the baseball world will be able to enjoy the exhibition that determines home field advantage in the World Series. By rule, every team is required to have at least one representative selected for appearance on the All-Star roster. One is the minimum, but it was also the maximum for the Tigers from 1999 to 2003 (yes, we had fewer All-Stars in that five-year span than we did in 2013 alone!). Thankfully, fortunes started to improve in 2004, otherwise the following quiz would be rather boring.

So, can you name every Tigers All-Star dating back to 1999?

Hat tip to Sporcle user commiesmasher, who created this quiz on May 2, 2013.