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Home Run Derby open thread

No, there aren't any Tigers in it this year, but we know you're watching anyway.

The Home Run Derby starts tonight at 8 p.m., and somehow none of the Tigers' prolific power hitters are participating. No matter! We still love us some dingers, and we'll be watching anyway.

As if loads of dingers weren't exciting enough, there are a few changes in the format this year. They've installed a bracket system and timed rounds, rather than a limited number of outs. Originally, the rounds were designed to last five minutes, with the clock stopping after every home run in the final minute. However, with the threat of inclement weather looming in Cincinnati later tonight, the format was changed on the fly so that rounds will last only four minutes with a constantly running clock. Hopefully they can get the whole thing in!

It looks to be a much more fast-paced version of the dinger derby we already loved, so feel free to chat it up in here. Even if they can't finish the contest, rest assured you'll see some majestic bombs tonight!