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Detroit Tigers links: Mid-season grades for everyone!

The Oakland Press grades the Tigers, SBNation's Twins and Royals blogs do some self-evaluation, and a look into the future of research into how the brain processes baseball information.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

We've seen 88 games from the 2015 Detroit Tigers so far. With the trade deadline fast approaching, there are just fourteen games left for the Tigers to give the fans, and perhaps even the organization, some hope.While many individual performances have been superb, the sum total has been woefully short of the fanbase's hopes. Matthew Mowery of the Oakland Press does a nice job here running through the roster player-by-player and assigning his grades at the halfway mark.

100 Miles From Comerica Park - New English D, Neil Weinberg
Weinberg gives his detailed analysis of the Detroit Tigers at the halfway point.

Take Me Out to the Brain Game: Can two entrepreneurs turn neuroscience into Moneyball? - SB Nation, Zach Schonbrun
Will android David Price dream of electric French bulldogs? A fascinating look at the ways in which science may change the way players are evaluated and coached.

What to look for in the second half for the Kansas City Royals - Royals Review, Max Rieper
Our friends at Royals Review take a hard look at the Royals strengths and weaknesses heading into the second half of the season.

The Twins Poised For The Playoffs - Twinkie Town
After a stellar first half, and really an out-of-nowhere type performance, the Minnesota Twins find themselves in prime position for a fun summer and an exciting playoff run.

How the shift can ruin a player - Beyond the Box Score, Kevin Ruprecht
Ground balls are a significant portion of anyone's batted ball profile, and the shift can destroy the production of a pull hitter. SBNation's home for sabermetrics takes a look at Chris Davis and J.D. Martinez and the ways they've diverged in terms of their susceptibility to defensive shifts.

Teardown ArtistGrantland, Rany Jazayerli
A harsh look at the San Diego Padres' general manager, A.J. Preller, in his first season. Preller radically remade the Padres roster, and it has gone rather badly, leaving them languishing and under the yolk of several difficult contracts for years to come. Be thankful Tiger fans. Dave Dombrowski isn't perfect, but a bad G.M. can tear a franchise apart in a few short months of off-season dealing.

Bryce Harper and J.D. Martinez: Baseball's best right fielders visualized - Beyond the Box Score, Scott Lindholm
Using a Tableau data visualization to graphically present the information, SBNation's sabermetrics blog reveals who are the best right-fielders in the game, by ability and also by value.

Year of the rookie - FOX Sports, Owen Watson
Kris Bryant, Joc Pederson, Carlos Correa and Addison Russell highlight a rookie class of position players that is on pace to rank among the best in at least a decade. The Tigers have a good deal of young talent, but wow it'd be nice to have the next hot young thing.

The Worst Called Strike of the First Half - Fangraphs, Jeff Sullivan
These are fun. The worst strike call in gif form. Max Scherzer must be living right as everything is turning up aces for the former Tigers' star.