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BYB All-Star break FanPost contest voting is now underway!

Voting will be open for four days, and the winners will receive a signed baseball from Victor Martinez and Mizuno, and a pair of T-shirts from Don Kelly T-shirts.

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Last week we announced our latest FanPost contest, sponsored by Mizuno and Don Kelly T-shirts. We asked for your midseason blog post ideas, and you came through in a big way, submitting 20 great entries. The period to write FanPosts has now passed, and voting will begin. The voting will be conducted in the comments, just like in our last contest post, and we'll leave it open through the weekend. Voting will conclude at 11:59 p.m. (that's midnight) on Monday, July 20th.

Here are the nominees, listed in chronological order:

How an eternal optimist joined #TeamSell, by SkitchP

Tigers fan living in Blue Jays territory, by Canada123

State of the Tigers: A division winner analysis, by kland83

Everyday Andrew: Why Romine is the key to the Tigers in 2015, by TWTWsports

2015 Detroit Tigers midseason awards, by Uncle Lefty

How untradeable is Justin Verlander? by diesel506

2016 and beyond, by Muttcutts

Midseason TOGA Update: Tigers still giving away outs like crazy, by Robert Fickle

Window Shopping: Pigs in the 'pen, by AD33

A Tigers half-season in haiku, by mrsunshine

Thin slicing the Tigers, by TimothyTheFirst

Why even Mike Ilitch knows we need to sell, by Gfry11

How to take your teenage daughter to a Tigers game, by TigersFangirl

Selling may not solve the Tigers' problems, by ExtinctSpecies

The "Where are they now?" series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), by BoomGaspar

2013: The year that should have been, by gwgetschman

The playoff potential is real, by levijs and ThatFunkyKid

Is this all too familiar? by namedor

It's not so bad to be a Tigers fan; One fan's journey, by Kirkdmyers

The Price is right, by FrogTownFan

Here's how the voting will work: each of the entries will be posted in a separate comment below, and your job as a voter is to "rec" the comment that contains your favorite FanPost. Your rec is your vote, and while you can vote for as many posts as you want, we encourage you to narrow it down to the one post that you think is most deserving. You'll need to have a SB Nation account to vote, and remember, voting ends at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, July 20th!