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Texts with Dombrowski: The trade deadline approaches

It's been a while. Word on the street is our source got arrested for jaywalking in Cancun.

The trade deadline is in a couple weeks, and for the first time in years, no one is really sure what the Tigers are going to do. Sitting on an even 44-44 record at the All-Star break, the Tigers were a distant nine games out of first place in the AL Central -- meaning the odds of a fifth-straight division title are getting pretty slim.

If the Tigers are buyers at the deadline, most pundits are expecting them to acquire pitching -- particularly starting pitching, but some relief help would be appreciated as well. If the Tigers are sellers, they've got a small stable of pending free agents -- headlined by David Price and Yoenis Cespedes -- that could carry some serious value for a contender looking for that final piece to put them over the edge.

But enough of speculation. Who needs to speculate when you have access to the text messages of the General Manager?