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Detroit Tigers Links: Joba Chamberlain understands your pain

Alfredo Simon and Joba Chamberlain get clobbered, the Royals get swept, and one team turns its back on advanced analytics, while another finds ever better ways to bridge the player/nerd divide.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Joba Chamberlain certainly isn't going to give up on himself after last night's three home-run inning, but he understands if the fans do. "I'd boo myself too," said Chamberlain after the debacle. Ah Joba, you're so easy to like. If only the ball was going where you aimed it. Good stuff, in the wrong place, at the wrong time ... well, it looks an awful lot like bad stuff. Not too sure of his barber's command of the clippers either.

The Detroit Tigers are QuittersMatt St. Jean, Motor City Bengals
A stinging take on the Tigers recent communication breakdowns and the possibilities of a madhouse with no one at the wheel. David Price and Brad Ausmus catch the brunt of it here.

Royals lose 6-5, are swept by Astros -  Kevin Ruprecht, Royals Review
Hey the Royals got swept by the Astros! The Tigers can take advantage of this, right? RIGHT???

Twins promote Miguel Sano to majors, according to report - Matt Goldman, MLB Daily Dish
The Twins aren't holding back any punches after their best first half in years. Elite 3B prospect Miguel Sano is on the way direct from Double-A to add even more pop to the surprising Twins offense.

Jerry Dipoto resigns as Angels general manager - Chris Cotillo, MLB Daily Dish
The writing on the wall became quite clear in recent days, as ownership sided with Mike Scioscia and the players over their embattled GM.

Watch: The optical illusion that makes it so hard to hit a curveball - Joseph Stromberg, Vox
See how your brain gets tricked by spinning seams.

Dodgers push aside traditional batting statistics in search of true value - Pedro Moura, The Orange County Register
A pretty interesting look at the approach Gabe Kapler uses in introducing and educating minor league players about how they're actually players, regardless of the short-term results.

San Francisco Has the Best Infield in Baseball - Craig Edwards, FanGraphs Baseball
So far the Tigers infield has put up some of the higher values in the game, but it's the Giants once again defying expectations to lead the way.