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Can you name the Tigers' starting position players from 2000-2009?

Name the five players that played the most games at each position for the Tigers from 2000 to 2009.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images
As Hawk Harrelson once said, "dmfgv;zmvdlmv;klfmvklfznbzlfkmblzkfmbzklfmbklfzmblkgmblkfmb!!!" Coincidentally, the Tigers have prompted me to say the exact same thing on many an occasion, especially during this highly disappointing season. However, perhaps a little historical context will help me (and maybe you as well) see that things are not as bad as they might be.

For Tiger fans, the decade of the 2000's had its ups and downs. The lowest of the lows came in 2003, when the Bengals nearly enabled the '62 Mets to pop the champagne. Having hit rock bottom, the franchise began to rebound, aided by key acquisitions such as... uh-uh! I'm not giving away any answers! (However, I will say that in 2004, the fourth-place answer for left field hit a walk-off home run in my first-ever Tigers game. That's not a helpful hint, but it does give me a chance to wax nostalgic). Suffice it to say that fortunes improved significantly in just a few years, but you probably know all about that. The point is that the answers in this quiz may bring back both very pleasant and equally very unpleasant memories, with the latter reminding us of a time much worse than the present.

The problem with quizzes like this is that the diehard Tigers fans on this site -- and this site is primarily composed of diehards, as I understand it -- will most likely know every answer, but still forget at least one or two. That's easier to take in a quiz with 40+ answers, but a bit more frustrating on a compact version like this one. Or maybe I'm just saying that because I missed a couple of answers myself.

Hat tip to Sporcle user ironsij0287, who created this quiz on November 8, 2010.