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Detroit Tigers Links: Ian Kinsler has found his power stroke

Ian Kinsler's altered approach is ramping up his power, the Royals and Twins look for their own deadline help, and Victor Martinez has returned with a vengeance.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

For most of the season, Ian Kinsler power numbers were pretty soft by his standards. Yet he remained a very valuable presence setting the table for Cabrera and co. He was still getting on base at a good clip, drawing his walks and occasionally breaking out for a few multi-hit games. With a slightly altered approach Kinsler was spraying the ball around the field more than he ever has, and showing a lot more patience at the plate. But his home run power was nearly non-existant. Kinsler finally conceded to a more aggressive approach and a return to pulling the ball, and his power has spiked with it. Paul Sporer at Fangraphs brings the in-depth analysis of Kinsler's power surge.

Victor Martinez Is Probably Healthy! | by Neil Weinberg, New English D
Weinberg takes a look at Victor in 2014 and since his return from the disabled list, and concludes that Victor is still really, really freaking good.

Super Team of Broken Dreams - by Meg Rowley, Lookout Landing
A discussion of the trade deadline, the Mariners and Tigers, and the possibilities of radical action being taken. Featuring BYB's own Thomas Bunting on loan to Lookout Landing for this one.

No contender needs Johnny Cueto more than Kansas City Royals | by Dave Cameron, FOX Sports
It may not look like it in the standings, but the Royals are still making due with a rotation held together by duct tape and the best bullpen in the game.

Discussion question: The decline and fall of Neftali Feliz - by John Sickels, Minor League Ball
Just a very basic thread in which to ponder one Neftali Feliz, past, present and potential future.

Ready for liftoff: Candidates for more high fastballs - by Henry Druschel, Beyond the Box Score
Several pitchers have turned to high fastballs and seen improved results. Why David Price and several other candidates could benefit from using the high fastball more often.

Another look at the trade market for catchers - by Jesse Lund, Twinkie Town
A look at the trade market for catchers around baseball, with the Twins looking to bolster their roster with a new backstop.

The Goodness of Albert Pujols Being Good Again " by Michael Baumann, Grantland
The mighty Albert is back in classic form after several seasons of injury and decline...and it's great, unless you're facing him.