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April Fool's madness: Justin Verlander gives Don Kelly the ol' hotfoot

"Hey Don, your foot is on fire"

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, to think back to simpler days. The Tigers were 2 games up in the division and about to win 41 out of 61, Justin Verlander was in the middle of an MVP season, and Don Kelly was still in Detroit, willing to get third degree burns to keep the clubhouse happy.

So many important things going on in this video:

  • Rod and Mario cut to the feed without any idea of what the "hi-jinks" will be. Mario is very pleasantly surprised.
  • Don Kelly framing the fire perfectly by assuming his natural position as the first person to high five the returning players to the dugout.
  • This look of sheer joy
  • How casually Ramon Santiago points out that his teammate's foot is engulfed in flames.
  • How big the flame was immediately after being kicked off by Kelly.
  • And of course, Verlander's admission of guilt in one picture

With all of the buy/sell, Ausmus questioning, Dombrowski uncertainty, this serves as a good reminder not to take baseball too seriously. It is still a kids game and it should be fun. Oh yeah, and bring Don Kelly back.

H/T to FSD for this important reminder.