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Tigers' David Price destroys writer Lynn Henning for comment about dedication to team

Note to self: don't mess with David Price on Twitter.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB trade deadline might be uneventful so far, but the hot takes on the Tigers' struggles aren't. For some context, as David Price was removed from Thursday's game, he did not hand the ball to Brad Ausmus. Instead he began his walk back to the dugout early as Nick Castellanos performed the duty on his behalf. The exchange can be seen at about the 1:27 mark below.

Admittedly it seemed a little abrasive at the time, but there are a number of reasons that the ball could have ended up in Castellanos' glove instead of Price's. But why waste a hot take when you've got one.

At best that's a meaningless tweet to garner conversation, at worst it's an unprompted and unwarranted attack on a player's character. And while Price was already at 116 pitches, he has a right to be frustrated with the inevitability of a bullpen collapse. An active tweeter himself, Price fired back in force.

While it has been a tough year for the Tigers, it has been especially tough for David Price. He is performing at a high level yet again, but has seen a number of wins taken by the poor bullpen and for the second straight year been subjected to non stop trade speculation. Through all of this, he continues to say all the right things and be a true professional. Self-absorbed has never been close to a description applied to the pitcher, and clearly Henning was grasping for a story this afternoon.

Eventually, whether prompted by Price's response, or the overwhelming social media pressure disparaging his tweet, Lynn apologized:

Nothing like social media apologies to really highlight sincerity. Anyway, hopefully we can all move on to more important things. Like this: