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Detroit Tigers links: Tigers need to make a big move, maybe even two

Contrary to what the Rolling Stones have told you, time is not on our side.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

No matter how you analyze the numbers, no matter what set of numbers you decide to inspect, the ugly truth is that Tigers' chances of playing even a single playoff game this October are shrinking rapidly. The latest implied odds out of Vegas (Bovada, specifically) give the Tigers a 22 percent chance of winning the division, and that's the highest percentage of any team in the division not named the Royals (currently at 72 percent).

There may be hope at the trade deadline, but not every agrees that the Tigers should be buying this month. Maybe they should be looking ahead to the future and start trying to sell off some especially cumbersome pieces now, while they can.

It's a headache, that's for sure, and you need a laugh, so here you go:

Baseball Hit List - Matthew Kory and Matt Sussman, Baseball Prospectus

It's funny because it's true!

Why The Tigers Are Not Done - Niklas Jarvinen, Baseball Essential

Three reasons why you can't count the Tigers out, says Jarvinem: the Royals have some regression coming, the Tigers are only just now starting to get over the injuries, and the trade deadline is this month. Is that enough reason to hope?

Detroit Tigers need to be sellers at trade deadline - Josh Scramlin, Motor City Bengals

An alternate point of view. The basic idea seems to be this: the Tigers are probably looking at a Wild Card spot, at best, and that's not a reason to start trading prospects for expensive rentals.

15 starting pitchers to watch at the MLB trade deadline - Matt Goldman, MLB Daily Dish

That the Tigers need some serious help in the starting rotation is no secret. Here are a few options they might be able to pick from.

Jose Fernandez hit a long home run in his first game back - Grant Brisbee

Remember the Grant Brisbee rule? If he writes it, you read it. Also, it's fun to watch a guy who's making his back-from-Tommy-John-surgery debut hit a dinger.

Jose Fernandez and Matt Moore return from Tommy John surgery - Matt Jackson, Beyond the Box Score

Lost in the hype surrounding the return of Jose Fernandez? Matt Moore is back too! We should celebrate the return of these two pitchers by breaking down their performances from a numbers standpoint.

Tigers trade rumors: Is a big move coming? - Chris Cotillo, MLB Daily Dish

The Tigers promoted reliever Jeff Farrell from Toledo. Maybe just for additional bullpen help? Maybe as part of setting up something bigger? Let the speculations begin.