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Tigers welcome unique prospect Daniel Norris

He lives in a van, shaves with an ax, and throws 96.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Dave Dombrowski worked his magic again, pulling in a major haul for David Price. Most importantly, he nabbed a player who not only throws 96 but hates your conformity. That player is Daniel Norris. Known as the "Van Man" by the kind folks at the Dunedin Florida Walmart, Norris spent his off season in a 1978 Volkswagen Camper. I highly suggest you read the whole article by ESPN, but you can also get a good feel for Norris' demeanor in the video below.

For your information, here are the things you need to know about the new Tiger:

  • He shaves with an ax. I don't even know anyone that owns an ax.

  • He's done modeling before.
  • Brad Ausmus is his second cousin.

  • He named his van "Shaggy." This is a good van name.
  • He embraces urban exercise:

  • He spent two and a half months sleeping on a hammock last season because he didn't feel like buying a bed.
  • He is a quality follow on twitter. He tweets some seriously impressive photography.

  • He is a self described baseball nerd and states he often day dreams about the game. He makes it look a little cooler than us though.

Bless You Boys will be breaking down Norris in detail in the coming days, but you can learn more about him through the ESPN profile and this Q&A from the Toronto Star. Let the rebooting continue.