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David Price was VERY bored during Monday night's game

Have you ever resorted to unwinding a baseball to pass the time? Didn't think so.

The good thing about lopsided west coast victories is that we can all go to bed. Alas, for the rest day starting pitchers, there is no early bus back to the hotel. So the guys have to keep themselves occupied. David Pricewho must not have had pen and paper handy, managed by unwinding an entire baseball. I've never done it before, but this looks like a man who has cut open a few baseballs in his day.

Unfortunately for him, that exercise only got him through the eighth, leading him to challenge Justin Verlander's bubble dominance in the ninth.

That is a commanding performance by Price. Even Verlander had to give him a dap. And while I also appreciate the veteran savvy of just depositing the gum on the ground, JV does gain some points back for his graceful dismount.

It was a blowout win indeed.