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Can you name every Tigers general manager?

The Tigers have had 17 different general managers since 1936. How many can you name?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

In the aftermath of last week's unexpected shakeup, I am presenting a quiz that differs from the stats-based quizzes that are normally posted here. After all, there may never be a better time for a quiz on the general managers of the Detroit Tigers. It certainly won't be easy, but who doesn't like a real challenge once in a while?

In the storied history of our beloved franchise, the Tigers have had 17 general managers. The position was first created in 1936, and only two men have held the job for a decade or more. The great thing about being a Detroit fan is that it is mutually exclusive to a Chicago White Sox fan -- or at least it should be. Granted, the Tigers have probably had some GMs that weren't exactly great (I can't speak for most of them, but that guy from 1996-2002 is not about to be inducted into any Halls of Fame). But when a Tigers rooter and a White Sox supporter get into an argument, there is one thing the Detroit fan can always say that will immediately win the dispute: "At least we never had Hawk Harrelson as our GM!"

So, without further ado (except for the next sentence, in which I give proper acknowledgment to myself), it's time to play one of the toughest quizzes ever posted to Bless You Boys!

Bat flip by Sporcle user ChargingTiger who created this quiz on August 4, 2015, for the express purpose of posting it to BYB.