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Detroit Tigers links: The anatomy of a dugout fight

Both Jose Iglesias and James McCann have said the fight was no big deal. Take them at their word.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With both James McCann and Jose Iglesias out of the lineup on Monday night, rumors continued to swirl about the effect the dugout shoving match might be having on the two players and the team as a whole. If you missed the spat, you can see it below.

The disagreement appeared to be centered around a ball hit up the middle that Iglesias gave up on a bit early

Even former Tiger David Price offered his take (Note: David Price is good friends with McCann).

Whether the altercation was directly related to this play, or a number of plays or even games leading up to it, this is what happens when a team with high expectations struggles. Dugout disagreements are nothing new to baseball, or the Tigers specifically. We have seen frustrations vented by Ian Kinsler earlier in the year, along with Victor Martinez being quoted by Wojo expressing that this has been the most frustrating year of his career.

I am not going to lie to you and indicate this fight was a good thing for the team. It's tough to watch two of the team's future cornerstones get into a shoving match over effort plays.  It speaks to just how bad the team has been struggling. But we can gleam some hope from the fight. It means the players still care. They are still fighting, and they are mad as hell at the current state of the teams play. Both players are young and will learn from the incident, and have said the right things in the aftermath. Take them both at their word that the fight was no big deal, and hope that passion carries through the rest of this season and beyond.

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