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Detroit Tigers Links: Brad Ausmus isn't sweating the hot seat

Miguel Cabrera is on his way back, but he's rejoining a very different team than when he went down to injury. The Tigers don't appear to have any plans for skipping Norris and Boyd just yet, and reaction to Hisashi Iwakuma's surprising no-no.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Even before the season began, I wondered whether the 2015 version of the Detroit Tigers had Brad Ausmus' job in their hands. As a season fraught with a serious of devastating injuries, but also featuring a lot of mental mistakes, lackluster performances and bullpen shenanigans, heads into the home stretch, George Sipple of the Detroit Free Press reports that Brad Ausmus is still focused on doing the job and getting the most out of his team. Ausmus also discusses the impact of a much younger roster than last year, or than was expected this season as several young players get their first shot at making at impact.

How return of Miguel Cabrera will affect several Detroit Tigers teammates | Chris Iott,
Cabrera is likely to return to the starting lineup Friday in the series opener against the Houston Astros. Iott takes a look at what this means for the roster as the Tigers' finally get their superstar back into the fold.

Detroit Tigers will not skip Daniel Norris, Matt Boyd starts despite off days | Chris Iott,
Brad Ausmus will keep an eye on innings pitched by Daniel Norris and Matt Boyd down the stretch, but he doesn't plan to skip them in the rotation in the next week. Whether that will change with the September roster expansion we'll have to wait and see.

The continuing search for baseball's next great weapon | Bob Klapisch, FOX Sports
The duel between pitchers and hitters is the central struggle of our beloved game. Klapisch investigates the possibilities for a new weapon to emerge for pitchers in the form of new pitches and new deliveries. Hey, aren't pitchers doing just fine? It's the hitters of this era who could use a new weapon.

Baseball statistics and the arrogance of ignorance - Matthew LaMar, Royals Review
You don't have to understand sabermetrics to appreciate the game, but don't be defensive about it.

The Bear and the Afternoon Fair - Nathan Bishop, Lookout Landing
Nathan Bishop from our friends Lookout Landing with a beautifully written tribute to a great day at the ballpark, and the rare sight of a no-hitter from the stands.

Well, it's been a disappointing season in Seattle. We know all about that at the moment, but at least they had this to enjoy. Hey JV, how about one of these for old time's sake? We'd all feel a lot better buddy, at least for a few days, thanks!