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Detroit Tigers links: Al Avila wants the Tigers to use sabermetrics

Also, Gabe Kapler wants baseball players to tan their... boys.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With a new general manager, there is oftentimes a new philosophy. Even though Al Avila has worked under Dave Dombrowski for over 20 years, he wants to expand on the analytics side of baseball. One of his first promotions was Sam Menzin to director of baseball operations. Menzin is a sabermetrician through and through and will hire two more analytics experts.

Avila told Tony Paul of the News that advanced metrics will help him in signing free agents, trades and even the draft as well as evaluating minor league talent. The key is finding a manager who is willing to go along with the same philosophy, which may warrant looking into deeper as Brad Ausmus' job is in jeopardy for next year.

Payroll projection: Detroit Tigers will find it very expensive to field playoff contender in 2016 - Chris Iott,
Time to find some "market inefficiencies," and fast. Also: we're still paying for Prince Fielder? I guess I tried to block that information in my head.

Tigers give Bruce Rondon shot as closer - Chris McCosky, The Detroit News
Seems like Rondon-as-closer in 2016 largely depends on whether or not Brad Ausmus is still managing the team next season, but we shall see.

No Minor matter - NBC SportsWorld, Joe Posnanski
A nice article on Mike Hessman's 19-year minor league career.

J.D. Martinez of the Detroit Tigers: Adaptability is a tool - Minor League Ball, John Sickels
A very good look at J.D.'s early scouting reports and how adjusting is necessary to sticking in the majors.

Blue Jays contact Dave Dombrowski about president's job, report says - Bob Hille, Sporting News
This week in #DombrowskiWatch ...

The WAR is over, even if Buster Olney doesn't know it - Jesse Spector, Sporting News
Did you know that Topps baseball cards now include WAR as a stat printed on the back?

Baseball Prospectus Hit List - Matthew Kory, Baseball Prospectus
Jokes! MLB Jokes!

For the first time in MLB history, all 15 home teams won - Big League Stew - Yahoo Sports, Chris Cwik
On Tuesday, all 30 teams played and for the first time ever, all 15 home teams won. Too bad the Tigers were on the road that day.

Reliever domination is at a historic level - Beyond the Boxscore, Chris Teeter
Hopefully with Avila's new sabermetric approach, the Tigers will be included in the reliever domination era.

Au Naturel - Kap Lifestyle, Gabe Kapler
Gabe Kapler wants baseball players to tan their nuts.