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Detroit Tigers links: The Tigers wrecked Cubs pitching

The Tigers lit up the Cubs to sweep their first series in a long, long time. Meanwhile the Tigers aren't the only disappointment this season, and hey, let's analyze the role of luck in baseball.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was fun. The Tigers offense, beleaguered all season by serious injuries, lit into Chicago Cubs' pitching with a vengeance. Nick Castellanos managed four extra-base hits in Wednesday's slug-fest, including a grand slam. ESPN Stats and Info has the details as the Tigers managed a feat they haven't accomplished in 80 years...and no, it didn't involve avoiding a double-play.

There's always next year: 2015's most disappointing teams - FOX Sports, Chris Bahr
Speaking of disappointment, how about those Nationals, eh? I sure wouldn't want to be that fanbase right now...err, well I guess disappointment is a relative concept.

Boston Makes a Deal: The Red Sox Give All the Money and All the Prospects to Dave Dombrowski " - Jonah Keri, Grantland
Everyone thinking that DD just walked into a disaster might want to think again.

Mud Hens’ Larry Parrish sets sights on real farm life - The Detroit News, Lynn Henning
The Toledo Mud Hens venerable manager looks ahead to the quiet life after decades of success as a player and a coach.

Luck plays an undeniable role in baseball, and it has a place in baseball analysis - Beyond the Box Score, Eric Garcia McKinley
Luck can never be removed from baseball, and we’d be poorer if luck were removed from our analytical vocabulary about the game.

The Physics of Sound at the Ballpark - The Hardball Times, David Kagan
A pretty interesting look at the history of the sound of the game.

Mythbuster: The truth about rules, relievers, Ryan Braun and more -, Tom Verducci
Verducci walks through a grab-bag of subjects with style.

And before I go, let's just watch Daniel Norris crush a Jon Lester offering one more time. Dude just hit a bomb in his first at-bat since high school. Hopefully he'll be back on the mound soon, because he already seems like a guy with that knack for making something special happen.