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Detroit Tigers links: The Tigers have some prospects now!

While the Tigers' farm system is still one of the weaker ones in baseball, there are more usable pieces to be found in the minors than in previous years.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Entering the 2015 season, the Detroit Tigers' farm system was ranked dead last in baseball by just about every prospect ranking outlet on the internet. Keith Law had them last, but ranked No. 1 prospect Derek Hill 85th on his top 100 list. Baseball America also had the Tigers 30th after two straight years (at least) among the bottom five. The bottom-of-the-barrel ranking was inevitable after the exodus of what little talent they had, but it left a sour taste in the mouth of Tigers fans wanting to see their team succeed year in and year out.

That has changed. The midseason "reboot" added a healthy amount of talent to the pipeline, and should be enough to vault the Tigers up about 10 spots in next season's rankings. The players selected in the 2015 MLB draft have also helped, as many of them have gotten off to hot starts in the lower minors. Catcher Kade Scivicque has been a shot in the arm for the West Michigan Whitecaps' offense, hitting .314/.367/.436 since being promoted. Beau Burrows has impressed in the Gulf Coast League -- TigsTown's James Chipman shot some recent video of the 1st rounder -- and several others have also made waves.

Again, this isn't nearly enough to call the Tigers' system flush with talent. They have almost nothing in the way of high-end talent in the upper minors, and their top prospects would still rank towards the back half of the top 10 in a good system. But for a team whose window has been "closing" for years, adding any sort of talent to the farm system is an encouraging development.

Moya is finally getting hot for Toledo - The Detroit News
Speaking of prospects, Steven Moya is making a late case for a September call-up with a recent hot streak.

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It seems ridiculous, but Neil points out why Jose Iglesias might not be as good with the glove as we thought.

Tigers' Blaine Hardy has impressive homerless streak snapped - MLive, Aaron McMann
Hardy's 84 2/3 innings without allowing a home run was the longest active streak in the major leagues.

What can the Red Sox expect from Dave Dombrowski's bullpens? - Over the Monster, Matt Collins
Our Red Sox brethren are already getting worried about Dave Dombrowski's skeletons in the closet.

The Pirates create their own extreme advantages to win - ESPN SweetSpot, Chrisina Kahrl
I feel bad for Pittsburgh. They have the third-best record in baseball, but are currently looking way up at the St. Louis Cardinals, who just won't lose.

The answer to life, the universe and everything is this video of Orbit dancing to 'Single Ladies' -, Chris Landers
I love Paws, but he could stand to add some of the pure absurdity that Orbit brings to Astros games.

Terry Francona gives Don Orsillo the finger - Over the Monster, Ben Buchanan
Speaking of absurd things, the affable relationship between Terry Francona and Red Sox announcer Don Orsillo in Cleveland's recent trip to Boston.

Everybody Shut Up and Pay Attention to Jung-ho Kang - FanGraphs Baseball, Jeff Sullivan
Jung-ho Kang has a 182 wRC+ since July 1. To compare, J.D. Martinez had a 187 wRC+ in the first half last season.

The Mariners inability to avoid black holes on their roster - Lookout Landing, Andrew Rice
I linked this for the image alone, but the Mariners have had a surprising number of awful players on their roster in recent years.