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Detroit Tigers links: Miguel Cabrera doesn't care about his 'best season ever'

Miguel Cabrera's expletive-laden outburst illustrates that he only cares about winning.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Pitching and injuries have been the easily explainable scapegoats for the Detroit Tigers' lost season. What has been more difficult to explain is the inconsistent run scoring that has plagued the Tigers despite leading the AL in numerous batting categories. The Detroit media has a job to do, and, on Sunday, they understandably questioned the team about a 3rd straight poor showing. Miguel Cabrerawho is having one of his best seasons of his career, had reached his limit with the questions about the teams offense.

Both James Schmehl of MLive and Bob Wojnowski of the Detroit News covered Cabrera's response to the line of questioning in detail. After over hearing the questions proposed to Ian Kinsler, Miggy shot a couple swear laden quips at the reporting troupe, before heading to the showers without commenting further on any questions. This obviously isn't the best way to handle the situation, but with the losses mounting, its an understandable response.

Throughout his career, Miguel Cabrera has never been the loudest player in the locker room. Instead he has been a leader by example, showing up every day to work on his game, and in turn, has developed into one of the greatest hitters in history. He could be very easily be content with his performance despite the teams struggles. But he is not settling for mediocrity.

Cabrera very clearly should have handled the situation better. An outburst such as this doesn't help the team in any way. But its tough to blame him for his reaction. I don't think an apology is needed, but Miggy has to know that the beat reporters are going to pry after losses. Instead of more blow ups, look for him to take his frustrations out on opponents pitching for the rest of the year.

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