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Can you name every Tigers' pitcher to ever receive a vote for the Cy Young Award?

A Tigers' pitcher has received a vote for the Cy Young Award 33 times.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Denton True Young, better known as 'Cy' (short for 'Cyclone'), is the winningest pitcher in major league history. He is also the losingest pitcher in MLB history. Mind you, back in his day, they didn't play 162-game seasons. Of course, they also didn't have five-man rotations, and no-decisions were a lot less common than they are today. Yes, he pitched in the dead-ball era, and the game has changed a lot since he last took the mound in 1911. However, even in the much different baseball age in which Cy Young played, winning 511 games was no small accomplishment (as evidenced by the fact that none of his peers came even close). I'm just glad that Young was nicknamed 'Cy', because the Denton True Young Award simply doesn't sound right.

The Cy Young Award was instituted in 1956, one year after Young's passing. For the first 11 years, it was handed out to only one pitcher across both leagues, but since 1967, the award has been presented to one pitcher in each league. The only tie came in 1969, when the American League Cy Young was split between Baltimore's Mike Cuellar and a Tigers pitcher that I obviously won't name. On the whole, five Tigers pitchers have won the award, but this quiz doesn't stop at that. Instead, we're going to ask you to name every Tigers pitcher to ever receive at least one vote for the Cy Young Award.

Hat tip to Sporcle user dabbas, who created this quiz on February 13, 2014.