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Tigers' Shane Greene will undergo season-ending surgery on Thursday

Greene will be back in time for spring training in 2016.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

DETROIT -- Shane Greene's season is over. He will have surgery on his right arm to repair the pseudoaneurysm in the circumflex artery in his right shoulder on Thursday morning. It is a season-ending surgery, Detroit Tigers manager Brad Ausmus confirmed prior to Wednesday night's game.

The surgery is being performed as a result of numbness that Greene had been feeling throughout the year in his right hand. Dr. Greg Pearl at the Texas Vascular Associates in Dallas, Texas will perform the surgery.

The injury is not career-threatening, according to head athletic trainer Kevin Rand. However, it's not a common occurrence and Rand remarked he wasn't sure whether this type of injury tends to reappear on down the road.

"I've never had anybody have it reappear -- I haven't had anybody have a pseudoaneurysm in the circumflex artery," Rand said. "We've had a couple of thoracic outlet syndromes over the years, but this is not that."

Greene will be able to begin baseball activities 10-14 days after his surgery Rand said. He will be able to begin throwing again two months from the date of the surgery, which would be on October 27.

While the year is over for Greene, he will be ready for spring training in 2016.

"What it was doing is the artery was trying to clot," Rand said. "What happened was the muscles contracted and forced the clot down into the hand, which was why he had the issues in his fingers."