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Can you name the 2014 Opening Day roster for the Detroit Tigers?

It was just last season, but you might have some trouble remembering a few of these names.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports
A lot can change in less than two years. This is especially true when discussing the construction of professional sports rosters. Therefore, you may experience some difficulty in getting 100% on this week's challenge to your Tigers fanhood, as this quiz asks you to name all the members last year's Opening Day roster!

To give you some perspective, in 2014 Barack Obama was the President and the price of gas was as up-and-down as Hawk Harrelson's mood. Don't even ask me to find out what the price of bread was. The bottom line is that times -- and names -- have changed. In fact, during the course of the 2014 season, Detroit used 48 different players, 24 of whom had never previously worn the Olde English D. So, odds are that you will name a few guys that actually weren't with the big club on Opening Day. Good luck!

Hat tip to Sporcle user ChargingTiger (truly a great guy!) who created this quiz on April 2, 2014.