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Tigers set new clothing standards at "Dancing with the All Stars"

Craig Monroe would like to show you his suit jacket.

Fox Sports Detroit

Last night, a group of Tigers took part in the in the Jack's Place for Autism Foundation "Dancing with the All Stars" at Joe Louis arena. A couple of the players pulled out all the stops with their outfit.

My eyes are only mildly burned after looking at this picture. Rajai Davis, the MC for the event, went the understated route as well.

Coach Harbaugh made an appearance and oh my god Craig that suit got worse somehow.

The event was also highlighted by Anibal Sanchez's daughter dancing up a storm. Careful, this is overwhelmingly adorable.

And if you thought this blog wasn't going to feature Omar Vizquel in a ridiculous shirt, you are sadly mistaken.

If you would like to know more about Jack's Place for Autism Foundation, a great cause, please follow this link.