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Poll: Was releasing Dave Dombrowski the right move for the Tigers?

It was a surprising move, to say the least.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We're not sure exactly why the Detroit Tigers and Dave Dombrowski have suddenly parted ways, and there is a lot that smells fishy about the timing and execution of the move. We will likely learn more about the details of this saga as it unfolds, but until then, we want to know your opinion!

Dombrowski had been in charge of the Tigers since the 2002 season, and his résumé is extensive. He has four division championships, five playoff appearances, four trips to the ALCS, and two World Series appearances on his ledger. The team only had five losing seasons during his tenure, and only one in the last decade (though they are currently under .500 this season).

However, the Tigers were unable to win a World Series, which has been owner Mike Ilitch's goal since he took over the franchise in 1992. The Tigers have come close under Dombrowski, but have been unable to bring home the Commissioner's Trophy, and the team's recent downward trend is discouraging. The team's recent moves at the trade deadline suggest that they were attempting to reload for 2016, but Dombrowski's faults (building a bullpen, namely) have hurt the team multiple times in the past few years.

What do you think? Did the Tigers make the right move?