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Royals 5, Tigers 1: Justin Verlander, offense struggle in a very forgettable loss

The Tigers played a game on Tuesday, but everyone's minds were elsewhere (including ours).

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

DETROIT -- There was a game. That much we know. Justin Verlander struggled but still went seven innings. The Detroit Tigers offense didn't produce. In the end the Kansas City Royals won 5-1 over the Tigers, as Detroit got just five hits off Royals pitching.

We could tell you it was a riveting game, filled with enthralling entertainment. But that would be a lie and -- OK you need a lie anyway. They did GREAT ... at not scoring runs, and running themselves into outs. Verlander, while he went seven innings, gave up five runs and 10 hits. The Tigers left six on-base. It wasn't pretty. The Royals came in and steamrolled Detroit, while the Tigers just gave them an easy win.

Nick Castellanos had a painful TOOTBLAN of record when, after tripling in the game, decided to head for home on a groundout that he had no chance of outrunning. The one run for Detroit came in the sixth inning thanks to a single by Ian Kinsler, which he followed with a stolen base, and scored on a Victor Martinez RBI single. If you are seeking more, I'm sorry ... I can't work miracles. If I could, I'd be able to eat ice cream and I'd be on a beach in Maui.


Ian Kinsler: For providing the obligatory run that the Tigers needed to prevent a shutout. He also stole a base, which was essentially a consolation prize for the evening. You may wave your little flag now.


Justin Verlander: OK so he struck out five and didn't give up a walk, but he also allowed five runs on 10 hits across seven innings. Not particularly keeping the Tigers in the game.

Tigers offense: Asleep, in a coma. It didn't produce. Plain and simple.


  • Justin Verlander didn't allow a walk in three straight starts, marking a career high.


Source: FanGraphs