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Detroit Tigers links: Welcome back, Miguel Cabrera?

The Tigers' big bopper could be returning to the lineup sooner than we dared to hope.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers just won their first series since before the All Star Break, they did it against the Kansas City Royals, they beat Johnny Cueto in one of those games, and none of this has a whole lot of bearing on their outlook for the postseason. There are so many things wrong with that preceding sentence, let's just take a moment to let all of that juicy wrongness soak in. Practically every one of those statements makes no sense to Tigers fans who have become accustomed to watching the team make postseason run after postseason run in the last several years.

Another confuzzling fact: the Tigers have a 29-18 record against AL Central teams this year, which means (grab a calculator) they are 24-37 against everyone else. Let me rephrase that to really draw out the WTF factor. The Tigers are dominating the AL Central this year, but they are not dominating the AL Central standings.

This has been, and probably will continue to be, one very bizarre year in Tigertown.

The good news?

Miguel Cabrera could rejoin Detroit Tigers by end of upcoming road trip - James Schmehl, MLive
The offense has been mostly fine since Cabrera's trip to the disabled list, but the way the bullpen has been going lately, it certainly wouldn't hurt to add a bit more firepower in the lineup.

Joe Ross to stay in the rotation; Doug Fister moves to the bullpen - Chelsea Janes, Washington Post
We all saw that coming, right? Are you reading this, Mr. Ilitch? Can Dave Dombrowski come back now?

Dave Dombrowski: potential Angels general manager? - Josh Mayhood, Halo's Heaven
I guess we'd better start getting used to the idea of our former fearless leader working for the competition. But with the way the Angels have man-handled the Tigers over the past few years, I think this is the potential Dombrowski destination that would sting the most.

Is Dave Dombrowski a possibility for the Mariners? - Colin O'Keefe, Lookout Landing
Probably not, Mariners fans, but dare to dream anyway. What MLB team wouldn't want Dave Dombrowski at the helm?

5 Outfielders Detroit Tigers Could Target Over Offseason - Brad Faber, Rant Sports
I'm not sure Yoenis Cespedes is coming back. He said he wanted to return to Detroit, but a few days later he was quoted as saying that he'd like to stay with the Mets for "a long time." Maybe we should start looking at a few other options, just to be safe.

Dave Dombrowski’s firing sorta sounded like a mob hit - Craig Calcaterra, Hardball Talk
But it's true, isn't it? Related follow-up thought: does this mean that this episode ends with Dombrowski weeping and kissing Al Avila at a party and saying, "I know it was you! You broke my heart, Al! You broke my heart!" I hope so.