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Detroit Tiger links: 10 reasons to watch the Tigers in September

Careful, a lot of analytics in this blog.

I must go, my planet needs me.
I must go, my planet needs me.
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Look, if you don't want to watch any more Detroit Tigers games this year, I would be hard pressed to argue with you. The Tigers are coming off an absolute drumming from the Blue Jays where they were out scored 29-6 and now sit second to last in the entire American League.

I however, will not go quietly into the night. Just because the Tigers are losing, doesn't mean you can't glean some entertainment from the games. In a similar vein Chris Iott provided 5 reasons to watch the Tigers for the next week, but I would like to expand upon his work. I present you, the 10 reasons to watch the Tigers for the rest of the 2015 season.

1. Miguel Cabrera winning another batting title

We tend to get lulled into a sense of entitlement with some things (you know, like winning). Let's continue to appreciate what Miggy is doing.

2. Justin Verlander returning to Justin Verlander form and Justin Verlandering everyone

There is still have time for seven no-hitters!

3. Miggy being Miggy

4. To determine just how fired Brad Ausmus will be

Regular fired? Super fired? Double secret probation fired? Exiled back to New Hampshire fired? Shot out of a cannon fired? Shot out of a cannon fired.

5. @Helmerroids memes/photoshops

This is the fan that we should all aspire to be.

6. Will Ian Kinsler spontaneously combust?

One person cannot contain this much anger for this long.

7. Al Avila literally torching the entire bullpen on the last day of the season

Get rid of most of the players, send the others home for the winter and then literally light the thing. KILL IT WITH FIRE.

8. Roster expansion

This is the biggest moment of many of their lives, lets show them some respect.

9. #ProtectThePick

I hate to watch them lose, but I would hate losing a top 10 draft pick even more. Just call me Sam Hinkie for the next four weeks.

10. Bless You Boys Blogs

Just because the Tigers are bad, doesn't mean our blogs suffer. Get all your schadenfreude here.

Cabrera Makes Friends With Right Field - New English D, Neil Weinberg
Miggy is hitting the ball the other way much more this year than he has in other season. Neil takes an in depth look in this trend. Also he managed to include a picture of Homer in the blog, making this a MUST READ.

Tigers show striking passivity as season decays - The Detroit News, Lynn Henning
Lousy play and bad habits have become the norm for this Tigers team.

Tigers' Miguel Cabrera qualified for batting title, but he wants wins - Detroit Free Press, George Sipple
The Tigers won't be getting enough wins for it to make a difference, so we might as well enjoy another Miggy batting title.

Managers on the hot seat - MLB Daily Dish, Matt Goldman
A couple teams have already made managerial changes this season, will the Tigers follow suit?

Last-place Detroit Tigers must 'man up' as season slips away - Detroit Free Press, George Sipple
You still have to play the games, might as well make the most out of them.

Tigers’ Gose-Davis platoon in need of remedy - Detroit News, Kurth Mensching
It started off so well, but the Tigers’ center-field platoon has turned out to be disappointing compared to expectations.

Rays outfielder skies way above the wall for absurd home run-robbing grab -
Kevin Kiermaier produced a Trout-like catch that was eerily similar to the Angels' superstar. Wow.

Cubs acquire Austin Jackson from Mariners - Matt Goldman, MLB Daily Dish
For the second consecutive season, our friend Austin Jackson has been traded, as he'll move from the AL West to the NL Central.