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Can you name every starting pitcher the Tigers have used in 2015?

When the Tigers acquired Randy Wolf he became the 12th starting pitcher they've used this season. Can you name the other 11?

Leon Halip/Getty Images

In 2013, the Tigers used six different starting pitchers for the entire season. This year, that total was doubled when Randy Wolf took the hill back on August 22. Needless to say, this situation is hardly optimal. Of the 11 pitchers (besides Wolf) who have started at least one game this season, seven have posted an ERA of 4.99 or higher. While the bullpen has long been regarded as our Achilles' Heel, the starting rotation has literally been equally abysmal in 2015. Tigers starters have a cumulative ERA of 4.61 and Tigers relievers have a cumulative ERA of ... 4.61!

While this situation has made for a miserable season -- and lately, the offense hasn't helped -- a quiz opportunity has arose from the woes of the 2015 Tigers. Our own Hookslide has become the first BYB'er (besides me) to create a quiz for use in this series.

Without further ado, you are hereby challenged to name the 11 starters, not including the aforementioned Randy Wolf, that the Tigers have used this season: