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The Voice of the Turtle, Episode 6: How to get fired in 3 easy steps

With Brad Ausmus left twisting in the wind, Rob and Hookslide discuss his eventual fate as well as what the rest of the 2015 season will bring for the last place Tigers.

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We're back for another episode of The Voice of the Turtle, and guess what? The Detroit Tigers are still bad. They lost six of the nine games they played since our last podcast, and have been outscored by 31 runs already in the month of September. The bright spots are getting fewer and fewer, and unfortunately, things aren't very fun in Tiger Town at this point.

That didn't stop Rob and HookSlide from bantering back and forth about the week that was for nearly two hours, though. There was plenty to talk about, including the recent rumors about manager Brad Ausmus' job security. We're still 20-odd games from debating legitimate candidates for the new job, but a name or two may have popped up in this episode. We also get away from the doom and gloom of Tigers baseball for a moment to discuss what the MLB playoffs have in store for us.

Topics in this week's episode include:

  • The Tigers are still bad
  • J.D. Martinez is slumping, but are we concerned?
  • Why the Tigers designated Daniel Fields for assignment
  • The potential for a protected draft pick, and why that matters
  • Whether Anthony Gose will be the center fielder in 2016
  • Who we're rooting for in October
  • Brad Ausmus' chances at staying in Detroit next season (Spoiler: 0 percent)
  • The early frontrunner to become the Tigers' next manager
  • Listener questions! Including a debate on how many Hot 'n' Readys we can physically carry
  • How an MVP is truly defined
  • 2:24 - Rounding the Bases: who stole JD's bat?
  • 23:03 - Warming in the Pen: a double scoop of Central, with a side of Central sauce
  • 41:56 - High and Tight: the Tigers' front office and a major WTF?
  • 1:00:00 - Into the Mob Scene at Home: who's the best Fox Sports Detroit analyst?
  • 1:34:59 - The 7th Inning Kvetch: lots of loud noises about the MVP award

Click below to listen to the podcast. Click here to download the podcast as an .mp3 file.

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