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The Voice of the Turtle, Episode 8: Will the real Bruce Rondon please stand up?

Podcasting on short rest isn't easy, but Rob and HookSlide give their all for the team while discussing Bruce Rondon's dismissal, the Tigers' burgeoning farm system, and the future of baseball.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to those dang West Michigan Whitecaps, our podcasting schedule was thrown off last week. A weekend recording aside, the show must go on, and that means digging in, putting on the eye black, and podcasting on short rest.

In this week's episode Rob and HookSlide discuss the week that was in Detroit Tigers baseball... all four games of it. Luckily, they were some eventful games, including a Maddux, near-no-hitter, and more #MustSeeJV. Mixed in with all the on-field madness was an off-field fiasco, the dismissal of reliever Bruce Rondon. The Tigers haven't said much, but fans have been able to read between the lines to get an idea of what exactly infuriated the team so much.

Then, to properly celebrate the only team in the organization with playoff success, we invited Whitecaps play-by-play announcer Dan Hasty into the virtual studio to break down their improbable run to the Midwest League Championship.

Topics in this week's episode include:

  • An eventful series against the Chicago White Sox
  • Jeff Samardzija's free agent market, and how to actually spell his name
  • The Whitecaps!
  • The Tigers' farm system, and whether all these prospect gurus are wrong
  • The AL Central in 2016 and beyond, including the terrifying Minnesota Twins (yes, really)
  • Whether this is the most pivotal Tigers offseason in recent memory
  • Bruce Rondon's early winter vacation
  • The future of baseball and medicine
  • Listener questions!
  • What in the world happened to Kurt Mensching
  • A conversation with Whitecaps play-by-play announcer Dan Hasty

  • 2:10 - Rounding the Bases: at least the Tigers are winning championships somewhere!
  • 28:09 - Warming in the Pen: sizing up the AL Central
  • 44:46 - High and Tight: how to get extra vacation time using this one weird trick!
  • 1:07:34 - Into the Mob Scene at Home: maybe we should send this player home early, too
  • 1:30:41 - The 7th Inning Kvetch: talking with Whitecaps play-by-play announcer Dan Hasty about how you get this lucky

Click below to listen to the podcast. Click here to download the podcast as an .mp3 file.

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