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Can you name every member of the 2014 Detroit Tigers?

48 different players wore a Tigers' uniform last season. How many can you remember?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

This season has been forgettable. Last season was better (despite the very disappointing finish). However, the Tigers actually used more players last season than they did this season (ok, so it's only one more, but still). By my unofficial rough count, 27 of last year's players again saw action for us this season. That leaves 21 that will be slightly easier for you to forget.

17 players, batters and pitchers combined, appeared in over 50 games, while there were 15 Tigers of the "don't blink, you might miss 'em" variety (10 games or fewer). A well-known malady called 'Sporclitis' indicates that you are likely to forget at least one in the former category, while naming several in the latter department.

Naming all of the answers will be difficult, and modesty forbids me from mentioning that I got 100% on this quiz back on May 30 of this year (yes, I'm the one who made this quiz and then I played it right away, so my score does get an asterisk).