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Can you name the entire 2006 Tigers team?

For many of us, 2006 was the most memorable season of our lives. But how well can you remember everyone who contributed to that magical run?

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Next year, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 2006 Detroit Tigers, a team that captivated our imagination while taking us along on an unexpected journey to the World Series. How fondly we remember the walk-off three-run home run that completed the sweep of the Oakland A's in the American League Championship Series! We might also call to mind the surprising ease with which we dispatched the Yankees in the Divisional Series. Of course, the World Series memories are mostly ones to block out, but 2006 was still a great season.

However, memories fade over time. (See, I'm already giving you an excuse if you don't do well on this quiz!) While some names from that 2006 roster are forever etched into our minds, others may evade us, either by being completely erased from our memories or by sitting right on the tip of our tongues, but them slipping back into the recesses of our skulls. Or, to put it less poetically, you almost certainly aren't getting 100% on this quiz... unless you cheat! But there are still (totally nonredeemable) brownie points for those who get the best scores.

Hat tip to Sporcle user hello1 who created this quiz on March 28, 2010.