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Detroit Tigers links: What is your favorite Tigers memory?

Let's remember some better days.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

With the season firmly in the dumpster, its always a good idea to look back at happier times. It is frustrating, but I have a hard time getting too angry about a down season after 4 consecutive division championships. So I look to the future for hope, and to the past for good memories.

My personal favorite Tigers' memory was Game 2 of the 2006 World Series. Yes, the infamous "foreign substance" game by Kenny Rodgers. I was only a month into attending the University of Michigan when my Dad drove out and surprised me with tickets to the game. I still don't know how he got them, but I was out of my mind with excitement.

As an added bonus, he brought my grandmother, who might be a bigger Tigers fan than myself. Watching her take down an eight dollar beer while yelling and waving a white towel at high speeds is what baseball/America is all about.

The game was great, the atmosphere was electric, and Todd Jones made sure that the game was always in doubt. Of course the Tigers went on the lose the series, but getting to see a World Series win with my family is something that I will never forget.

So, what is your favorite Tigers memory? Tell us in the comments below.

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The Detroit Tigers probably lost their division before the season began, when key moves were made, or not made during the off season.

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Harvey wrote in the Players' Tribune on Sunday that he'd be pitching in the postseason, however, it remains to be seen how many more times he will pitch in the regular season.

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Joba will get his chance on a winning team.

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A review of how notable names are doing in the minors.

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Veterans and core of youngsters stay positive despite the lost season.

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Tony La Russa poses with Grumpy Cat, struggles to make grumpy face - Yahoo Sports, Mark Townsend
This is important.