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​Tigers trade rumors: Detroit has inquired about Rockies outfielders

Carlos Gonzalez, Corey Dickerson, and Charlie Blackmon are available for trade.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, the Colorado Rockies signed free agent outfielder Gerardo Parra. Doing so created a surplus for the team, opening up trade opportunities for teams still in need. The Detroit Tigers are one of those teams, as the organization has checked in with the Rockies, according to Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal.

Carlos Gonzalez, Charlie Blackmon, and Corey Dickerson are the outfielders in question, though it's unknown which player the Tigers are interested in and Rosenthal says "no deal (is) close" at this time. He also noted the backlog of Tigers' pitching depth after the 2015 trade deadline, which would prove useful for a trade with the Rockies. Specifically, the Rockies are in need of right-handed pitching, of which the Tigers have five in their top 10 prospects.

Detroit had been in sit back and wait mode, having already checked in with just about every available free agent outfielder on the market. That doesn't rule out a free agent acquisition, but it's become clear that the team is willing to wait out the market in hopes of lower prices.

Gonzalez has spent all but his rookie year with the Rockies, and during his eight-year career has played every outfield position. Any player coming from the Rockies will have questions attached to their offensive numbers as a result of the "Coors Field Effect" from playing in high altitude. But his flashy defense plays anywhere regardless. He's owed $17 million in 2016 and $20 in 2017.

Gonzalez has also hit .290/.347/.524 on his career. Acquiring him wouldn't necessarily be cheap, but he would be the flashiest of the three options. He does have a history with injuries, though, as do most Rockies players, and 2015 was the first season he played in more than 140 games since 2010. That said, he rebounded nicely after a particularly rough 2014 season, and the three-time Gold Glove recipient also took home his second Silver Slugger award after finishing .271/.325/.540.

As for Charlie Blackmon, his situation is similar to Gonzalez's, having played every outfield position in his five-year tenure with Colorado. He hit .287/.347/.450 on the year. The advanced fielding metrics have moved all over the place. Most recently he checked in at -7 DRS and -7.1 UZR/150 games

Dickerson is younger, having just three years of major league experience behind him. However, in his time with the Rockies, he's hit .299/.345/.536, though his defense has checked in at subpar in two of the past three seasons according to the advanced metrics. He's played primarily left and center field, and won't reach free agency until 2020. All three players would provide solid options for Detroit without having to break the bank in the process.