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Detroit Tigers Links: The Tigers project poorly for 2016

Just getting some bulletin board material up there.

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Fangraphs has released their 2016 Projected Standings and things don't look terrific for the Tigers. The team is currently projected at 79 and 83, tied for third in the AL Central and 11th in the American League. That's... that's not great.

The Fangraphs projections take the raw projected numbers for each team and aggregates them into projected runs scored based on team batting and runs allowed. They compare these amounts to produce relative wins and loss totals for each team. The raw numbers include both depth chart/playing time and season stat projections.

Now, I'll drop an immediate disclaimer on these, the Royals projected poorly last year, and how did that turn out for them? That's what I thought. So, certainly don't take these as gospel.

But these projections do highlight the amount that will have to go right for the Tigers to return as AL Central Champs. A disastrous 2015 for Anibal Sanchez and Victor Martinez yielded lower WAR projections and drove down the Tigers' projected offense for 2016. The uncertainty in left field, now the only remaining drama of this offseason, means that these projections handed a lot of playing time to Cameron Maybin and Anthony Gose. And I doubt the Mike Pelfrey projections were generous. All of these factor into the negative perception of the Tigers in the Fangraphs model.

There is still time for additional moves by the Tigers, but with a highly competitive division and a far amount of uncertainties on the roster, Tigers fans should have a realistic outlook on 2016. Competing will be tough.

Hot Stove things were happening yesterday.

Quite a few things in fact. Rumors were flying all over the place. The Rockies signed Gerardo Parra, meaning that one of their outfielders is very available and it appears the Tigers are taking a gander. The Marlins signed Wei-Yin Chen to a fair amount of money and are unlikely to trade Marcell Ozuna. So much for the predicted Miami fire sale.

Just going to leave this here.

The most volatile hitter in history.

Ignore that error. And that one too.

Much has been made of Nick Castellanos' fielding but not enough has been made of his progressing bat. Fangraphs (who are getting quite the advertisement on today's links) ranks him third on their top plate-discipline improvements in 2015.

Everyone think's their rotation is awesome.

I'm a realist, I know we aren't in tier one of the starting rotation group anymore. I might say that getting into tier two of Grant's rotation rankings is pretty generous.