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Miguel Cabrera is not concerned about your strikeout stats

Pessimism is so 2015.

Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

While the reaction to Tigers' Justin Upton signing has been mostly positive, there have been two main themes of contention. The first, is that the team is exceptionally right handed. And the other, is that there will be some swings and misses. Buster Olney, while making an assumption on the Tigers batting order, highlighted this fact:

I mean, lineup conjecture aside, he's not wrong. There will be strikeouts. But there will also be glorious amounts of bombs. Miggy has a thought.

Oh yeah, that pitching thing too. Kubler, Sale, and the best bullpen in the league might yield some Ks. Props to Buster for then acknowledging that the games best hitter probably has some knowledge on the subject.

Count Miggy in the unconcerned camp. He's ready for the extra protection and bonus RBIs when he does this: